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Ich denke: lasst euch einfach überraschen. 
Zur Einstimmnung das Video meiner aktuellen Errungenschaft in Sachen Musik (Vielen Dank an Urban Outfitters für das Spielen eines solch genialen Sounds):

'Kitty, Daisy & Lewis' - Going up the Country:

"Kitty Daisy & Lewis are no ordinary band. The three siblings -- now aged 15,18 and 17 - first came together on stage at a country and rockabilly jam in a North London pub. Over five years later the 50s music, fashion and technology obsessed family have built a massive word of mouth audience through a stream of rapturously received gigs and festival appearances and are ready to release their first long player on Rob da Bank's Sunday Best label on 28th July 2008.

The single 'Going Up The Country' is a perfectly rounded summer holiday feel-good jam, full of harmonica solos, handclaps and lyrics about leaving the city smog for fairer country hills. Coming out on 7", authentic 78rpm 10", CD and download on 7th July 2008.

This video was directed by Alex Walker of Brickwall Films." 
(direkt übernommen aus www.youtube.com)

-Lasst uns die letzten Sommergefühle sammeln, die uns noch bleiben-

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